Dine With Nine (DW9) is a Social Ministry at St. Anastasia Catholic Church. The idea is to meet 8 parishioners (sometimes this number is a little more or a little less, depending on how many people sign up) that you might never have had an opportunity to engage with. It is putting a name to the face that you see at mass. All adults from the parish are welcome to join.

Every month, someone from your group is in charge of planning an outing for your entire group. This is totally up to each individual as to how or where they want to meet. For instance, you may host your group at a luncheon or dinner in your home, plan a picnic in a park, attend a movie together, have dinner at a restaurant, attend a church function together, etc. Be Creative – The Sky Is The Limit! Depending on how many people sign up, your group may also be known as Treats for Ten, Eats for Eleven or Dining with a Dozen.

DW9 holds sign-ups in August and then each group officially meets in September. This gathering will be done by your individual team leader. At your first meeting, everyone is asked to choose a month in which they would like to host. The team leader is there to remind the host if they forget, and to generally keep the group moving. DW9 ends in April and then resumes again with sign-ups in August for the following year. Team leaders (as with any Ministry Leader) serve for three years, after which they may step down or decide to continue to lead. The more team leaders we have, the smaller the groups can be.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Doreen and Denny Lucas (Email Here or 904-217-0805). Our Fall Schedule will be announced soon!

Dine With Nine Prayer

Gracious God, here present, listen as we pray.

Our God is revealed as a God of open arms who always welcomes us with care and protection. St. Peter says, “Welcome each other into your houses without grumbling.”

The feeling of welcome is a good one and it comes not only when we are welcomed into a house but also when we are welcomed into a conversation, into a group activity, and into another person’s joys and fears.

Thank you, Father, for those who have opened their home, mind, and heart to us. May we do likewise.

All praise and thanks to you, our God, source of all that is good.

Amen. Alleluia!

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