Funerals are held Monday through Friday at 9:00 am in the Church, with exceptions made during Holy Weeks. Families that wish to have a funeral at St. Anastasia must meet with the Consolation & Guidance Ministry who will assist with funeral arrangements, plan the music, the readings, and service. All military salutes occur outside of the church. Please contact Theresa Greenwood at 904-471-5364 X114 for information on making funeral arrangements.

Live StreamAttending funerals can be difficult for families and friends who do not live nearby. St. Anastasia can provide a live streaming option to allow loved ones to be a part of the ceremony no matter where they are. St. Anastasia Live Stream is a ministry of volunteers, so this option may not always be available, however we do our best to accommodate the request. The live stream is located on the Mass Schedule page.


The Cloisters connect the North and South ends of the Church Columbarium areas and Our Lady’s Chapel. A Columbarium is a place where the cremains (ashes) of our deceased parishioners are laid to rest. The Columbariums are appointed with large benches for seating and reflection.  A mosaic medallion of St. Monica adorns the center of the southern Columbarium while a mosaic medallion of St. Augustine adorns the northern Columbarium. 

Due to the ocean breezes blowing through the area, neither temporary nor permanent displays of flowers or other memorabilia are allowed in the Columbarium. The Cloisters of St. Anastasia are all reserved. For information about the Columbarium at San Lorenzo Catholic Cemetery located at 1635 U.S. Highway 1, St. Augustine, FL 32084 call: (904) 824-6680

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