Missions Brochure 2
 The “New Evangelization” calls for a new type of Missionary
Following the teachings of a “New Evangelization” from Pope Emeritus Benedict XIV, each of us is called to be a modern-day   missionary. Some may have the calling to travel to a foreign country, but others may choose to fulfill the other roles of a missionary in their hometown That is what Parish Mission Programs (PMP) are about: helping people find the missionary role that is best suited for them and giving them the opportunities to live it out.

Who We Are Today
Here at St. Anastasia Catholic Church, you will find a variety of ways that you can serve others through Mission work:
· St. Anastasia Missionaries Of the Poor Supporters (SAMOPS) is a group formed by some of St. Anastasia’s parishioners who have visited Fr. Ho Lung and his Brothers of the Missionaries of the Poor in Haiti and Jamaica. The Brothers maintain six mission homes for destitute persons, including abandoned sick,  disabled, or dying men, women, infants, and children. Support includes prayers and reflection, and help with supplies, particularly medical assistance.
· Habitat for Humanity builds,  combines labor, financial support and other resources to build homes for needy families in St. Augustine.  Here are some photos of our lastest Habitat Project.
Somebody Cares – St. Augustine, the parent organization for CareFest, utilizes volunteers from St. Anastasia on a yearly basis to assist with a clean-up project or remodeling project in the St. Augustine area.

· Parishioners and students also volunteer on a regular basis with several international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as Friends of the Mission, Inc., and Mission Honduras. Through these missions, parishioners have facilitated medical clinics in Tanzania, Honduras, Liberia, Jamaica, and Haiti.
If you’re interested in the Parish Mission Programs, please contact Dr. Brian Schoonover, Director of Missions and Parish Operations via email at mpo@saccfl.org or the parish office at 904-471-5364

*Click HERE to view the latest Missions Video sponsored by the Maryknoll Brothers and Priests, including the introduction and summative comments by the Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine, Felipe Estevez. The short video includes a testimony from several missionaries from St. Anastasia Catholic Church.


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