Many have asked for a copy of the booklet used for Father Tony Ford’s funeral service held on December 23, 2017.  Please click on the link below to download a .pdf file.

God bless.

Father Tony Ford Funeral Mass Worship Aid

Father Tony Ford’s Requiem Mass – YOUTUBE

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Welcome to the series of reflections produced by the Office of Communications for the Year of Mercy. In these episodes, Father Richard Pagano reflects on the idea of mercy versus compassion and how as Catholics we can serve as God’s vessels of mercy in the world.

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Dear Friends In Christ,

Recently there has been debate regarding patriotism and the NFL.  People have asked what does it mean to be Catholic and a patriot?  A few months ago, the Bishops of Poland wrote a document on this subject called “The Christian Form of Patriotism”.  This document is aimed at the people of Poland but can be applied to all nations.

“Christian perfection is achieved by removing everything that disturbs, distracts, or does not allow the beauty of the  image of God in every human being to be extracted. The more we succeed in our pursuit of this perfection, the more we are similar to God. It is the same with love for one’s native land, which must be purified. That is why the Polish Episcopal Conference   published its document, the Christian form of patriotism, which is a voice of support for patriotic attitudes and an expression of gratitude to all those, thanks to whom Polish patriotism is lasting and vital. It is also a declaration that the Catholic Church in Poland will, by using tools resulting from its mission, demonstrate its appreciation for and support of such activities. But at the same time it is a document calling for reflection on the shape of modern patriotism and  encouraging people to boldly remove from it everything that is in contradiction with the teachings of the Gospel.”

You can find the document in it’s entirety by clicking: The Christian Form of Patriotism

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have always spoken out in regards to the moral principles related to public policy.  With the recent executive order by President Trump, people have been asking where does the Church stand on a multitude of issues.  The bulletin, due to its printing schedule, does not always allow us to address many of the issues.  If you’d like to know where the Church stands on a certain issue, visit: 

Closer to home, the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops issue regular statements on public policies affecting not only national issues, but issues before the Florida Legislature.  These statements and other information are most conveniently found by receiving the emails they send to those on their email list.  You will have the opportunity to join their email list by visiting 

–Father Tim

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