There are so many thoughts crowding our minds that it can be hard to focus. We’re pulled in every direction, with this person or that thing demanding our attention. Psalm 1:2, tells us to “meditate on God’s Word”, but how exactly do you do that? And with such a hectic schedule?  Burnout can leave you empty, discouraged and exhausted, with little energy left for God. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to replenish.

replenish | re-PLEN-ish
(v): To fill up again; to restore or make complete again

Wednesday Mornings with Sessions have begun.  Meetings take place on Wednesday mornings, 9:45—11:45 in the St. Enda of Aran Formation Center. For more information and the meeting calendar, download the information packet below.

Discovering our Dignity: A Study of Women of the Bible

Walking with Purpose’s study – ‘Discovering Our Dignity’ is a 22 week study. Of the women of the Bible.  It will allow you to learn from their experiences and uncover ways to deal with unwanted circumstances and deferred hopes. Through the stories recorded in Scripture, the women of the Bible reach out to touch our “present” in a tender, honest and loving way—woman to woman– with ancient wisdom, sage advice and insights.


For more information contact Allison DuBrow at or Denise at 904-471-5364 or email:

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