Rite of Christian Initiation (R.C.I.A.)

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The Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA) is the process through which interested persons are gradually introduced into the Roman Catholic faith and way of life.  The    primary goal of initiation is conversion.  The process of Christian Initiation is intended to make the participants members of the Body of Christ and the Catholic  community.  It prepares the participant to celebrate the sacraments of  initiation (Baptism [if needed], Eucharist, and Confirmation). 

This process is for:

¨ Those 7 years of age or older who have never been baptized

¨ Those 7 years of age or older baptized in another faith denomination

¨ Adults baptized Catholic who wish to complete the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist.

¨ Older youth baptized Catholic who have had no formal formation and wish to celebrate the sacraments of initiation.

If you feel the Holy Spirit stirring within you to be part of this journey and would like more information or know someone who may be interested, and for information regarding the  ’Open Inquiry’ session, please contact Denise Pressley at the parish office.  An ‘Open Inquiry’ allows inquirers the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about this process and the sessions.

RCIA sessions are held on Monday evenings in the St. Enda of Aran Formation Center – beginning at 6:00 with a pot-luck dinner.

Process of Journeying


Initial period of questioning and inquiring about Catholic faith, beliefs, the Mass, Mary and the Saints, the bible, traditions…


The period in which the participant has committed to continue this journey and a life in Christ.  The participant develops his or her faith and is being ‘catechized’ – learning the basic points about the Catholic faith and life.


Time of preparation for Baptism, or preparing to be received into communion with the Catholic Church.  The Church helps the participant focus and intensify his or her faith  in preparation for a life with Christ and the Catholic Church.


Time to look toward future life in the Catholic tradition.

Denise Pressley

Director of Faith Formation

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