The Florida Catholic Conference of Bishops has launched a podcast under the name of Catholics Across the Aisle: Commentary on Public Policy and Civic Life. On this podcast, the FCCB seeks to bring a non-partisan, moral voice to the public dialogue on key policy issues of the day and assist listeners to become educated and active participants in civic life. Listen to the first episode below and then just click on the little “Spotify” icon in the right corner of the radio dashboard to continue to follow the podcast! If you have Apple iTunes, you can find that podcast HERE

FCCB staff and guests will take a deep dive into social concerns, respect for life and dignity, health policy, and education. In depth conversations will be held with civic leaders, insiders and experts in various fields who will share their experience and knowledge in ways that will shed light and promote deeper commitment to the common good for all listeners. Individuals whose lives have been impacted by some of our most debated state or federal policies will also share their stories. In addition, listeners will be presented with opportunities to participate in political life.

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