Rev. Timothy M. Lindenfelser (Pastor) 904-471-5364
Deacon George Murati (Deacon) 904-471-5364
Deacon Bryan Ott (Deacon) 904-471-5364
Main Office
Peter Morin (Director of Music) 904-471-5364 x105
Brian Schoonover, Ph.D. (Director of Missions and Parish Operations) 904-471-5364 x103
Cynthia Aderhold (Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry) 904-471-5364 x115
Beth Allen (Bookkeeper) 904-471-5364 x104
Theresa Greenwood (Parish Secretary) 904-471-5364 x114
Lori Adelfio (Reception/Bulletin Editor) 904-471-5364 x101
Denise Pressley (Director of Religious Education) 904-471-5364 x112