“We have been asked to tell you why we are giving our continued financial support to the new building and to ask you to join us.  We need a home. Our parish family needs a place big enough to house all that we are. A place to learn together, play together. To eat together and sing together. A place to support each other in times of grief and to celebrate our great collective joy. We all need this, but today I am making a special appeal for the children of the parish – the young church today. Currently, they have every reason to feel at best like an afterthought and at worst a burden to the parish. Their classrooms are temporary partitions, their shared faith experiences limited by the scope of the space, the   confines of time and occasionally even the whims of weather.

We want our children, your children and grandchildren to grow together in their understanding of our faith and their commitment to each other and to all people. We also want them to think of church as a place that you come to play together, not just worship together. To do this, they need a real home. A permanent space for them to call their own. A place for learning and recreation, celebration and contemplation.

We are asking you to please pledge your support to this effort. If we all give what we can, we will not only have built this beautiful building, we will have done so without burdening our children with a mortgage. We will also be able to say that, together, we have created a home from which we all can go forth, glorifying the Lord with our lives. Thank you.”   —The Parkeys