What Is Marriage? Marriage is a natural institution established by God the Creator. It is a permanent, faithful, fruitful partnership between one man and one woman, established by their free mutual consent. It has two purposes: the good of the spouses, called the unitive purpose, and the procreation and education of children. Marriage is not merely a private institution, it is the foundation of the family. Marriage is a sacrament that “bears the imprint of God’s love. “

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 Download the 2018 Wedding Packet   The packet includes a registration/contract (that must be filled out and returned to the parish office), suggestions/guidelines for readings and music for weddings and the flow of the Wedding Mass.  For information more information on availability of the church or reserving the Celebration Hall at St. Anastasia for an event, please contact Dr. Brian Schoonover at the parish office; 904-471-5364 or admin@saccfl.org and a