Nov. 21 Memorial of the Presentation of Mary, Memorial

Entrance Antiphon, Cf. Ps 45 (44):13, 15, 16: All the richest of the people long to see your face: behind her, her maiden companions are escorted to the King; her attendants are escorted to you amid gladness and joy. Gospel Verse, Lk 11:28::Blessed are they who hear the word of God and observe it.Communion Antiphon:Praise the Lord our God, for in Mary his handmaid he has fulfilled his promise of mercy to the house of Israel.Today the Church celebrates the Memorial of the Presentation of Mary. The cycle of these three Marian feasts: the Birthday of Our Lady (September 8), the Holy Name of Mary (September 12) and her Presentation in the Temple (November 21), parallel with the first three feasts of our Lord in the liturgical cycle: the birth of Christ or Christmas (December 25), the Holy Name of Jesus (January 3), and His Presentation in the Temple (February 2).

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