Presented by Fr. Jared DeLeo

Deciphering the Book of Revelation

a 4 Part Adult Education Series presented by Fr. Jared De Leo

Where: St. Joseph Room in the St. Enda of Aran Formation Ctr

When: Mondays  10:00a.m.

January 24: An Introduction to Apocalyptic Literature and How to Interpret the Book of Revelation

January 31:  Revelation 1-3: The Introduction & the Epistles to the Seven Churches

February 7:  Revelation 4-14: The Lamb, the Seven Seals & the Harvesttime

February 14: Revelation 15-21: Judgment, Salvation & the Wedding Feast of the Lamb

Summary: With the knowledge that the Book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament and the Bible, is one of the most misunderstood books of all time, this adult education course is geared toward unpacking the strange symbolism and hidden meanings of the text as well as dispelling popular myths about this unique book of the Bible.

Please register by contacting to Fr. Jared at, so there are sufficient resources for all participants.

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