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Looking Back On Our 2015 Parish Mission With John Michael Talbot!

St. Anastasia Catholic Church hosted John Michael Talbot – Christian music legend, prolific writer, popular TV host, and teacher of the Faith for three special evenings last week starting March 2nd. Each evening was full of unique, inspiring messages and sacred music.   Talbot’s ministry began over 35 years ago with a vision of itinerant ministry, rebuilding God’s Church like a modern St. Francis “one parish at a time, and renewing hearts one life at a time.” Today he travels throughout the world inspiring and renewing the faith of Christians of all denominations through sacred music, inspired teaching, and motivational speaking.   John Michael Talbot is founder and Minister General of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, located at the Little Portion Hermitage in Arkansas and St. Clare Monastery in Texas. His artistic and humanitarian efforts have been recognized with awards from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the Gospel Music Association, the Mercy Corps, and the Mother Teresa Award.

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