” Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”

-1 Corinthians 12:27

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Our ten middle school students spent a week in Jacksonville working at Farm Share as part of their Just 5 Days mission week with the Center for Ministry Development. They spent the week learning how to be Christ’s hands and feet, solidarity, being your brother’s keeper, prayer and much more.

Our youth spent their days in a warehouse sorting fresh and rotten/outdated fruits, vegetables and bread. The fresh fruit and vegetable was then placed in containers so that it could make it to food pantries. The rotten food was then sent to farms to feed pigs and other livestock.Farm Share relays so heavily on volunteers to sort through the endless pounds of donated food. There are only 4 paid employees at Farm Share. Through out the week we sorted 6 tons  of potatoes and sorted them into 10 lb bags.

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Remembering my Just5Days Mission:

I am different because…

“I understand the meaning of solidarity better and I can look past barriers to give the poor the respect they deserve.”-Sallie Panchookian

” I have more faith and Christ in me and there is no other way to have more Christ in you then Just5Days.”- Jenna Thompson

“I went to J5D everything in Just5Days changed me.”-Dillon Ott

“I have heard many inspiring stories,songs, and done a lot of mission work. This makes me feel like a better person.”-Brandon Kaman

The biggest thing that I am bringing home with me is…

“My respect and learning of others feelings.”- Tyler Strausbaugh

“I am not afraid to be myself.”-Madison Pearcle

I can make a difference every day by…

“Being nice.”-Matthew Hanvey

“Doing what is right.”-Dominic Trzaska

My Faith has grown because…

“I worked to further my servant’s heart.”-Sara Hanzl

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