Middle School and High School Youth
Wednesday, July 15th at 7:30am– July 16th at 7:30am
Cost Total: $35—
Itchetucknee $25 & lock-in $10
(Includes tube rental, park fee, lifeguard, dinner, movie ticket and the bus)

We will be departing in the Church Bus from the Office at 8am on July 15th, please arrive at 7:30am. We will tube the Itchetuknee, then come back to the community center for fun, a movie at epic, games, etc. Pick up will be at 7:30am on July 16th in the community center

RSVP– Spots are limited (first come, first serve)
Please turn in the bottom of this form and money to hold your spot!
You must RSVP for this trip because there are only 25 spots on the bus.

Things to Bring:
• Permission Slip- You can find this on the church website
• Bagged lunch and drinks
• Snacks if you want for the bus ride home
• A Dry change of clothes, and appropriate PJ’s to be seen in by the opposite sex.
• Sunscreen
• Towel
• Plastic bag for wet suit
• Snorkeling stuff with your name on it.
• Flip flops
Please as always, make sure that your bathing suit is appropriate for youth group.
(Tank-ini or by wearing a tank top over your two piece)
Return to the Youth Office
By signing this Itchetucknee and lock out agreement I am agreeing to the $35.00. I understand that this holds my child’s spot on the trip. In the event that they cannot attend I may not be refunded the cost. I understand that I do have the option to work with the youth ministry to try to find a replacement for my child.
Youth Name:_________________
Parent Signature:_______________________
Call or email the Youth Ministry Office at 471-5364, Cynthia 904-463-4683 or staccymc@aol.com