May 1st-3rd
Place: House of Prayer/Mission Grounds Downtown
30 Ocean Avenue, St. Augustine, Florida 32084
Upcoming 9th graders and High School Youth
Cost: Free (Bring money for Dairy Queen)

This retreat, Full Filled, further empowers teen to make tough decisions and to ask difficult questions in the midst of their faith walks to Christ. The Theme of the retreat, one of “emptying” yourself, will allow God to “shake free all created things” so that all that remains is what is “uncreated”- God (Hebrews 12: 27-28)
This retreat is designed to help strip away the worldly, prideful parts of our lives and teach us to truly empty ourselves of all the is not of God. Only after we are emptied can God fill us.

Church Bus Transportation Options:
6:00pm departure: St. Anastasia to Treaty Park
9:15pm departure: Treaty Park to House of Prayer
Join us at Treaty Park for our Double Header softball game at 7 & 8pm on May 1st. We will head over in the bus to the House of Prayer following the Games.
Not Taking the Bus?
10:00pm Meet us at the House of Prayer

Our retreat will begin at 10pm at the House or Prayer on Friday, May 1st and end on Sunday, May 3rd at 1pm. You are welcome to attend a portion or all of this AMAZING retreat. This retreat builds on itself. Friends are Welcome!
Retreat Registration

Please return this to the Youth Ministry Office

Participant Name:___________________________
Parent/Guardian Contact Name and Number:_______________________________________
______ I will be attending the whole weekend
I will be joining the retreat at (Check one):
____ 6pm at St. Anastasia
____7pm- 9:15pm at Treaty Park
____ 10pm at House of Prayer
______ I can only attend a portion of this event
Arrival (Date/Time): _______________________ Departure (Date/Time):_____________________

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