Mark your calendars! 

The study begins on Wednesday, September 30!

There are so many thoughts crowding our minds that it can be hard to focus. We’re pulled in every direction, with this person or that thing demanding our attention. Psalm 1:2, tells us to “meditate on God’s Word”, but how exactly do you do that? And with such a hectic schedule?  Burnout—It can leave you empty, discouraged and exhausted, with little energy left for God. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to replenish.

replenish | re-PLEN-ish
(v): To fill up again; to restore or make complete again

The Wednesday morning Walking With Purpose Women’s Scripture study returns in September. Join us for a 22 week course titled ‘ Opening Your Heart: The Starting Point. This study will help you deepen your personal relationship with Jesus. Make a pit stop in your busy week and replenish!


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