“For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.”

–Galatians 3:27


Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit (vitae spiritualis ianua), and the door which gives access to the other sacraments. Through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as sons of God; we become members of Christ, are incorporated into the Church and made sharers in her mission: “Baptism is the sacrament of regeneration through water in the word.” –CCC

Have questions about requirements, Godparents or planning?

Click here: DOSAFL Baptism Brochure 

Information for Baptism at St. Anastasia:  Parents must be registered parishioners of  St. Anastasia.  If you are not yet a registered parishioner, please fill out a Parish-Registration-Form and return it to the parish office. The chosen Godparents must obtain a Letter of Eligibility from their home parish in order to be Sponsors of Baptism.  At least one of the Godparents chosen must be Catholic.

Parents should contact Denise Pressley at 904-471-5364 or dre@saccfl.org at least 6-8 weeks prior to the desired date of Baptism and are required to attend the Baptismal class held at 11:00 a.m. on the first Saturday of the month.  Class is held in the Church.  Both parents should attend.   Please contact Denise Pressley at dre@saccfl.org or 904-471-5364 X112

The Baptism must be scheduled at least 4 weeks prior to the desired date of Baptism.  You may schedule a Baptism by contacting the Church office at 904-471-5364.

Please Note:  Baptisms are not scheduled during Lent.

For information on Adult Baptism,  or Baptism for children over the age of 8, please see information regarding RCIA (the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults).