The Farmworkers’ Ministry at St. Anastasia consists of three annual activities to assist the Catholic Charities Bureau of the Diocese of St. Augustine reach out to the farmworker families, specifically in Crescent City.  In April, specific food items that are culturally significant to the Hispanic families are collected as well as diapers. In July, backpack and school supplies are collected. The culminating activity is for Christmas when, starting after Thanksgiving, new toys are collected for the children. These collections bring great joy and happiness to the recipients as well as to all our very generous parishioners.

Volunteers for these activities are asked to do the following:

-Sign up parishioners to donate before and after each Mass on the weekends before and after Thanksgiving.

-Collect the returned gifts on the following two weekends after sign-up. Store these gifts at one’s own home until delivery date, usually the third Monday in December.

Our ministry has no regular meetings, therefore, to volunteer for this worthwhile ministry, please contact Dr. Brian Schoonover, Director of Missions and Parish Operations, at 904-471-5364.


Hispanic food drive