Image result for walking with purposeOur Women’s Scripture study returns this fall with a study on Women of the Bible:          

Discovering Our Dignity by Walking With Purpose  

 In Discovering our Dignity, we learn that women of the Old and New Testament were sometimes as flawed and broken as we can be. Yet, the power of God worked in their lives.

Through their stories recorded in Scripture, they reach out to touch our “present” in a tender, honest and loving way – woman to woman.  This 22 week Bible study, by Walking with Purpose, is designed for women who are new to bible study as well as those with more Bible study experience. 

Click here for registration Discovering Our Dignity Registration Form forms and Discovering Our Dignity Calendar Morning and evening sessions available.

All sessions take place in the Community Center.


    Presented by St. Anastasia Parish Missionary Disciples Team


 St. Anastasia’s Parish Missionary Disciple Team, ‘ Disciples on Fire’, invites you to search deep within your hearts to hear the call of God.  Christ calls all His people to proclaim his Good News.  The questions each person needs to ask himself or  herself is, ‘Do I hear His call?’  ‘Am I responding to His call?’

As we each walk this journey, it is important to open our hearts to hearing God’s voice.  “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, [then] I will enter.…” (Rev. 3:20)  When we push aside all the  distractions of life and focus on hearing God, our faith deepens and the sometimes heavy weight that the journey can bring lessens.

In the ‘Encounter’ series being published in our bulletin, we read that ‘In virtue of their baptism, all members of the People of God have become missionary disciples.”  To live out this mission in the name of Christ, a disciple must hear God calling, listen to the call, deepen his or her relationship with God (through prayer) and then share that love with others, in another word,  evangelize. 

To evangelize, one bears witness to God’s Revelation in Jesus and through the Holy Spirit.   It is a life lived by Christian virtues.  This is the road we all travel.  We are called to follow this path.  Let us do it!  

Disciples on Fire invites you to a series centering on the road of hearing and listening to God’s call to discipleship.

Dates:  November 28     Place:  Administration Office   

Time:  6:30—7:30 p.m.